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Launch! Keri Mills CandidMom and Dot CandidMonochromatic Candid Photography Photography that celebrates life, love, laughter and all the feels that come with the chaos of living. Mother and daughter duo, Keri and Halle Mills, capture the special moments you want to remember forever. In October 2020, Halle Mills joined with Keri Mills Photography as a mother daughter duo. The photo team is launching a new brand together, introducing Mom and Dot Photography.

Candid shots, real life moments, and authentic photography is our specialty. I'm Keri Mills, an artist and photographer with a lifetime of experience. My dad first introduced the camera to me at 5 years old. He was based several years in Germany with the military, so I ran around the countryside in Germany, France, and Austria viewing art, history, nature and bugging him to let me take pictures with his camera! My love of Black and White Photography started when I began to learn the dark room in the 6th grade. Whether shooting landscapes or people, there is something special about monochrome photos. In 2006, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography and Painting, from CU Boulder. Whether shooting photographs for friends, clients or artistic expression, the camera is one of my favorite tools and mediums for creativity.

Like my father before me, I started my children with a camera when they were young. While her older brothers loved their sports, Halle was more interested in her art easel and my cameras. She took her first photo when she was only 3 years old (I believe of her tea party with Chicken Dance Elmo)! She has an artistic spirit and has been creating music and art most of her young life. 

We are so excited to work together, building Mom and Dot Photography into a brand to be proud of. Join us on our photographic & creative journey, helping our clients document those special moments in life, creating keepsake memories.



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